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Leonardo AI describe Funktion, ein erster Test

Jetzt hat auch Leonardo AI eine describe-Funktion vorgestellt! Das bedeutet, dass Leonardo AI ein Foto oder KI-Bild analysiert und einen Prompt generiert, der das Bild so (oder so ähnlich generieren würde). Diese Funktion gibt es bereits länger für Midjourney oder auch Dall-E, jetzt ist das auch mit Leonardo AI möglich, das auf Stable Diffusion basiert.

Die Vorgehensweise ist absolut einfach:

  • Ihr klickt in der Promptzeile rechts auf das KI-Icon
  • Ihr ladet ein Foto oder KI-Bild hoch oder wählt eines aus Eurer Bibliothek aus
  • … und lasst Leonardo arbeiten.

Nach kurzer Zeit erhaltet Ihr einen Promptvorschlag, den Ihr entweder direkt so oder manuell überarbeitet generieren könnt.

Leonardo AI describe
Screenshot Leonardo AI

Ich habe das einmal getestet:

  • Erst habe ich mit Midjourney ein Bild generiert
  • Dann habe ich mir von Leonardo AIs Describe Funktion ein neues Prompt erstellen lassen
  • Daraus wiederum habe ich mir ein Leonardo AI Bild generieren lassen

Links seht Ihr immer das originale Bild mit seinem Midjourney Prompt, rechts das generierte Leonardo AI Bild:

Midjourney Prompt: Aerial view of baobab trees, a yellow jeep rubicon drives along an empty road at sunset. The scene is set against a backdrop of golden light filtering through the tall tree canopies. This aerial shot captures both the jeep and the vast landscape, showcasing the unique architecture of these towering ancient plants.
Leonardo describe Prompt: Aerial view of a rugged yellow off-road vehicle driving along a dusty dirt road through a vast, arid landscape dotted with large baobab trees. The sun is low in the sky, casting a warm, golden hue over the scene, creating long shadows from the trees. The road stretches into the distance, flanked by sparse vegetation and patches of dry grass. The overall atmosphere is serene and adventurous, capturing the essence of an African safari at sunset.
Midjourney Prompt: Aerial view of a red starwars x-wing flying above a huge mossy green volcanic cone, surrounded by flowing glacier rivers that branch into different directions in black volcanic sand . The photography has a cinematic style with dramatic shadows and dynamic light reflections on the ground. Sunlight streaming through a misty foggy grey sky creates an epic scene.
Leonardo describe Prompt: Aerial landscape photograph showcasing a dramatic volcanic terrain with a prominent crater in the foreground. The crater is surrounded by lush green moss, contrasting with the dark, rugged volcanic rock. A bright red airplane is flying over the crater, adding a striking focal point to the scene. The background features a series of mountains and ridges, with wisps of smoke or steam rising from the ground, suggesting geothermal activity. The lighting is soft, with sunlight breaking through clouds, casting dynamic shadows across the landscape. The overall composition is balanced, with the airplane providing a vivid splash of color against the natural tones of the environment.
Wide-angle, eye level photo of an approaching tornado over rolling prairie, massive storm clouds, ominous skies, distant rain shaft, barn in distance, wheat field in foreground, rural setting, expansive horizon, f/8, ISO 200, shutter speed 1/125s, taken with tripod an ND filter, sharp focus, Natural light, diffused through thick clouds, low-key lighting, dramatic contrast –ar 3:2 –style raw –stylize 50
Leonardo describe Prompt: Landscape photograph featuring a vast field of golden wheat in the foreground, with a well-defined dirt path cutting through it. The midground showcases a small, isolated farmhouse with a few trees nearby. Dominating the background is a dramatic, dark storm cloud formation with a visible tornado funnel extending from the clouds to the ground. The sky is a mix of ominous dark grays and lighter patches, indicating a severe weather event. The overall mood is tense and foreboding, with the natural elements creating a stark contrast between the calm of the wheat field and the chaos of the storm.
photo of a xenomorph alien with white skin riding a motorcycle with orange light at high speed through dark forest. The background features smoke and fire coming from underfoot. –ar 3:2 –style raw
Leonardo describe Prompt: Dynamic and intense action photograph featuring a motorcyclist riding through a forest. The layout is centered on the rider, who is captured mid-motion, leaning into a turn with dirt and debris flying around. The motorcyclist is wearing a white helmet with a visor, a black and yellow jacket, and protective gear. The motorcycle’s headlight is on, casting a bright, warm light that contrasts with the cool, dark tones of the forest background. The image has a dramatic, almost cinematic quality, with blurred motion effects and sparks adding to the sense of speed and excitement.
Midjourney Prompt: action drone shot of a yellow landrover defender jumping about a sand dune in a wadi rum like landscape, sand splashes, dust, sunset, sun flare
Leonardo describe Prompt: Style and Type: High-resolution, landscape photograph. Layout: The image captures a dynamic scene with a four-wheel-drive vehicle, specifically a yellow SUV, driving through a vast desert landscape. Subject: The SUV is in the foreground, kicking up a large cloud of sand as it ascends a steep dune. The desert is expansive, with rolling sand dunes and large rock formations in the background. The sun is low on the horizon, casting a warm, golden light across the scene, creating long shadows and highlighting the texture of the sand. The sky is clear, adding to the overall sense of openness and adventure.
Midjourney Prompt: full body photo, cinematic still, of a black fire from mouth breathing drogon dragon, wide angle
Leonardo describe Prompt: Fantasy-style digital artwork featuring a fierce, black-scaled dragon with large, menacing wings and sharp, protruding spikes along its spine. The dragon is depicted in a dynamic pose, breathing intense flames from its mouth, with glowing embers and sparks surrounding it. The background is ablaze with fiery hues of orange and red, creating a dramatic and chaotic scene. The dragon’s eyes are glowing, adding to its intimidating presence. The overall composition is highly detailed, with a focus on the texture of the dragon’s scales and the intensity of the fire.
Photograph of the London street with an English flag flying, a red landrover 1980 defender driving along it, a beautiful sunny day, sun rays shining through the buildings, scenery is reflected in a puddle, camera perspective from ground level looking up, depth of field –ar 3:2 –style raw
Leonardo describe Prompt: Style and type: Urban street photography. Layout: The image features a vibrant city street with a red off-road vehicle prominently in the center, driving towards the camera. Subject: The vehicle is a classic Land Rover Defender with a Union Jack flag attached to its rear, fluttering in the wind. The street is wet, reflecting the vehicle and surrounding buildings in puddles. The buildings are a mix of modern and historical architecture, with intricate details and large windows. The sky is bright with a warm, golden hue, suggesting either sunrise or sunset. There are no visible people in the image. Text: The vehicle’s license plate reads ‘X01 6BF’ in black text on a white background.
Photo of a single edelweiss flower growing on the edge of an alpine mountain peak, with a backdrop of golden sunset light and distant mountains, blurred background, sun flare –ar 3:2 –style raw
Leonardo describe Prompt: High-resolution, landscape photograph featuring a single white daisy flower in sharp focus, growing amidst rocky terrain. The background showcases a breathtaking mountain range bathed in the warm, golden hues of a setting sun. The sun is positioned in the upper right corner, casting a radiant glow and creating a lens flare effect. The sky is a gradient of orange and yellow, transitioning to a deeper blue as it meets the mountains. The overall composition highlights the contrast between the delicate flower and the rugged landscape, emphasizing the beauty of nature in a serene and tranquil setting.
Photo of a cyborg robotic vulture riding a bike with a huge amount of colorful balloons in its hands, in the streets of the Dirty White desert, creating an atmosphere full of mystery and magic, light grey and amber tones. This scene adds an element of fantasy to everyday life –ar 3:2 –style raw
Leonardo describe Prompt: Surreal and whimsical digital artwork featuring a skeleton riding a bicycle in a vast desert landscape. The skeleton is adorned with a variety of colorful balloons attached to its back, creating a striking contrast against the barren, sandy terrain. The sky is clear with a few scattered clouds, and distant mountains are visible on the horizon. The skeleton’s bones are detailed and realistic, while the balloons are vibrant, with shades of red, blue, green, yellow, and orange. The bicycle is a classic design with a basket attached to the front, adding to the quirky and imaginative nature of the scene.

Fazit Leonardo AI Describe

In den meisten Fällen funktioniert die Leonardo AI describe-Funktion wirklich gut: Die Bilder, die aus dem Prompt generiert wurden, sind in den allermeisten Fällen sehr nah am Original.

Würde ich hier und da noch ein paar Anpassungen an dem generierten Prompt vornehmen, so käme ich den Vorlagen sicher noch einmal deutlich näher.


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